Digital LED lighting strip with integrated Digital decoder and taillight, 255mm, 11 LEDs, „warm-white“. For gauge N,TT, H0


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The 255mm long, 9mm slim LED lighting strips with 11 LEDs are designed for N, TT and H0 gauge cars that are going to be operated on digital model railroads. We are offering two versions: The version with Part number 50708 is equipped with warmwhite LEDs, while on part number 50709 we installed yellow LEDs. This will give you the choice to match the lighting strips with your existing cars. As usual for all ESU lighting strips, you can adjust the brightness according to your wishes with the help of a small variable resistor (potentiometer). Thanks to built-in voltage control the brightness remains almost constant even when conventional driving. To bridge prolonged power interruptions, you may add a PowerPack. Of course, the lighting strips can be arbitrarily cut to fit the cars of all manufacturers and comes with a red taillight.
The integral ESU decoder supports, of course, both Motorola® and DCC and also works on DC analogue layouts. The operating mode is detected automatically. In addition to the basic maximum brightness adjusted with the control knob on the lighting strip, brightness may be further adjusted by means of the software. Various prototypical lighting effects such as soft dimming, fluorescent lamp effect, faulty fluorescent lamp, battery powered lighting and many others provide realistic results. The 11 LEDs are wired in several groups, which can be switched separately. Function mapping allows to assign the LEDs to the function button of your choice. Two additional outputs may be used for the red end-of-train lights or for directional lighting in a cab control car.
Of course, all effects can also be programmed once the lighting strip has been installed. Alternatively you may read out the values of your digital interior lights on the programming track.


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