HO coupler by Kadee Whisker Medium “Scale Head” Magne-Matic(R) – TWO PAIRS


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The #150 series “Scale” All Metal Self-Centering “WHISKER”® Coupler features a “Scale” Metal Coupler (a smaller head coupler which is more to scale and is patterned after the type ‘E” couplers) & Metal “WHISKER”® Centering Spring, insulated Draft Gear Box and Lid.

The #150 series Coupler may be mounted with the supplied #242 draft gear box or with the manufactures cast-on coupler pockets. The coupler will couple and uncouple with other Kadee® HO and HOn3 couplers. The coupler is available in three shank lengths.

It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gear box to avoid the possible electrical crossover or shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated draft gear box.

The package contains two pairs of the couplers and two pairs of the #242 gearboxes, and instructions.

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