LokSound V4.0 “Universal sound for reprogramming”, NEM658 (Plux 16 Gauge 0 HO PROGRAMMED AS – #397-56498

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The LokSound decoder is still a combination of driving decoder and sound module on one PCB. You can install it in nearly every loco in H0 and 0 scale according to its dimensions of 30mm in length and a width of 15mm and so be able to control driving, light and sound.

LokSound V4.0 decoders are offered with all established plugs, either with the 8-pin NEM 652 connector, the 6-pin NEM651 connector and the PluX12 connector or the wireless versiones with either the 21MTC interface (NEM660) or PluX16 or PluX22.

All LokSound decoders are delivered with 23mm speakers.