Radio Equipped Power Cab – Must be plugged in to be Command Station



You have the option of having your PowerCab come to you with the radio option already installed. Understand that this means that you can use your PowerCab as a radio throttle on another radio-equipped NCE system (including the SB5). Your “radio” PowerCab will NOT be a base station for its own system. To use radio with a PowerCab, it must remain plugged in, a RB02 must be added, and one to three radio Cabs may be used.

The PowerCab is a

  • DCC starter set – up to 2 amps
  • DCC Cab to use on other NCE layouts
  • Programming Station

As a DCC Starter set, PowerCab provides 1.7 amp nominal current with 2 amp maximum current to the rails and allows control of up to four trains, using one to three ProCabs or Engineer Cabs

The PowerCab has virtually all of the features of the ProCab and can be used on any NCE layout, with the included coiled cord.

On the workbench, the PowerCab allows you to monitor current draw by your locomotives and program any decoder now on the market without cumbersome and expensive programming track boosters! With the NCE USB interface, you can use your computer and DecoderPro to maintain your locomotive data files.

When you are using the PowerCab on a small layout, Mr. DCC recommends the AutoSW auto-switch to isolate the programming track function from the layout, preventing accidental reprogramming of all the locos on the layout. He also recommends the throttle pocket shown in RELATED PRODUCTS below to hold it! The AutoSW also works with the Digitrax Zephyr.

With an extra PCP and P114 or P214 you can easily move your PowerCab from the workbench to the layout, or between layouts.

Additional information

Weight 2.31 lbs


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