Speaker Round 30 mm (1.19 inch) 4 mm (0.16 inch) deep 8 Ohms 0.2-0.4W


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This round speaker fits many of the Atlas locos that were designed for sound – they usually use a pair!


  • Thinner!
  • Less Expensive!
  • Handles more power!
  • Doesn’t need a dropping resistor!

The SP-30R-08a specifications are:

  • Size
    • 30 mm in diameter x 4 mm deep
    • 1.2 inches in diameter x 0.16 inches deep
  • Impedance is 8 ohms
  • Power rating is 0.2 watts – no need for a resistor with 1 watt decoders
  • Sound Pressure Level is 89 dB
  • Frequency response is up to 20KHz

If you are using two of these speakers together, they need to be in series and in phase. What means is that the red wire on one speaker connects to the black wire on the other speaker – yes you can shorten them. Make sure this connection is insulated, we recommend 1/16 inch shrink tubing for the task. Then you connect the remaining red and black wires to the decoder.

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