TCS Universal WiFi Throttle – #TCS-UWT-100



TCS is raising the bar in throttle design. Every detail of this handheld has been rigorously researched, scrutinized, and thoroughly tested. Soft, smooth buttons are laid out in an intuitive way to promote heads-up, eyes-free locomotive operation. Buttons also operate smoothly, silently, and with tactile feedback all while showcase easily-recognizable printed symbols. Eight buttons are programmable and can be assigned any function. The large transflective LCD screen with adjustable backlight displays menu options with full words at a large font size for easy reading and a simple user experience. No longer is it necessary to memorize abbreviations or consult manuals for navigation.

The following tech innovations can be found in the Universal WiFi Throttle:

  • Lightning-fast startup powers on and connects in seconds!
  • All throttles update and respond in real time to one another and locomotives on your layout
  • Unparalleled attention to detail in ergonomics and comfort
  • WiFi communication leaves line-of-sight and cord length limits behind. WiFi also can be expanded to provide superior range over other radio devices.
  • Field-updatable software allows you to always keep your device up to date with the latest improvements and features!
  • Up to 8 re-programmable buttons for easy access and function recognition.
  • A “function map” view can be configured or synchronized with your JMRI roster to display all the functions of any decoder for easy reference and programming.
  • A robust locomotive recall list displays user-customized roster names. It can even sync with your JMRI roster!
  • Change connection modes to utilize different communication protocols at the touch of a button
  • Built-in, bright, sunny white LED flashlight provides convenient lighting without eye strain whenever you need it
  • Unprecedented portability and versatility

Do you have one DCC system at home and a different system at the club? This throttle is built to address that situation and balances different protocols with ease. Seamlessly switch back and forth between systems in a matter of seconds with simple connection modes. Use the LCC protocol, WiThrottle protocol, or WiFi interfaces for popular DCC systems – even communicate directly with JMRI!

WiFi is everywhere, and it has a wide variety of advantages for model railroaders. Use of WiFi signals gives users the freedom to depart from line-of-sight or corded control methods, and use their throttles in ever-changing situations and environments. Connecting your layout to the net opens up wild new opportunities like remote operation of layouts across the globe.

Every throttle comes with access to a new suite of desktop programming tools that interface with many current and upcoming TCS products. With this simple-to-use software program, you can update your throttle with new revisions and improvements as they become available. Feature upgrades and software updates keep your throttle functioning like new for years to come.