Reviving DCC Product Issues and Installation


What Will It Cost to Have DCC Installed?

  • DCC Installation Costs since March 2008.
  • Prices shown are in USD$ and apply to most plastic locos.
  • Brass is an additional $35.00.

Customer is responsible for the actual cost of return shipping and insurance.

What to Do?

  • Pack your train(s) securely in a box.
  • Enclose detailed instructions telling us what you want to be done, i.e., sound, lights, Etc.

Ship to:

Litchfield Station
1412 N. Central Ave., #D
Avondale, AZ 85323

Cost of Diesel DCC Installation

SCALE DCC DCC + Brass Sound Sound + Brass
Z & Nn3$65$100--
N & HOn3$55$90$95$130
S & Sn3$50$85$85$120

Cost of Steam DCC Installation

SCALE DCC DCC + Brass Sound Sound + Brass
Z & Nn3$75$110--
N & HOn3$65$100$105$140
S & Sn3$60$95$95$130

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers can schedule a time to come into the Station and work on their own installations (with Jack’s help).

Installation hours are 8 AM to 8 PM, by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled in advance, and space is limited.

The cost for in-person installation help is $100.

  • Professional Installation, Programming & Testing
  • Wires, resistors, Etc. to use original lights (except for 1.5-volt bulbs)
  • Two functions (lights, Etc. per decoder)
  • A warranty on the decoder and installation work – abuse excluded.
  • The Decoder(s) and Speaker(s) and light(s) or LED(s)
  • Loco NOT IN ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS’ box with original packaging
  • Add $10 if you didn’t buy the decoder from Litchfield Station
  • LED conversions — add $5 per light: Golden White, Yellow or Red
  • LED additions — add $10 per light: Golden White, Yellow or Red
  • 1.5 V bulb conversions or additions w voltage regulation — add $10 / light
  • More than 2 active functions — add $5 per extra function plus parts i.e., Ditch Lights are 2 extra functions – a strobe is one Frame modification or replacement — eMail for pricing (frequently $15!) Chuff Cam $25 and up plus parts Added power pickup: pricing varies eMail for a quote!

For example, sound in a boxcar or added tender pickup.
Some Locos Install Costs May Vary, For Example:

  • Vanderbilt Tender: + $25
  • Plug-in or light board non-sound decoder install and program: + $30
  • Atlas N-Scale Shay: + $ 75
  • Mikado Kato N-scale: + $100
  • Trix Big Boy HO Scale – sound: + $110
  • Model Power N-scale steamers: + $45 —without headlight control
  • Con-Cor N-scale Northern: + $80 with 2 lights
  • S1 Proto 2000 HO-scale non-sound: + $60 labor plus decoder and 2 Golden White LEDs
  • Kato NW2 HO-scale non-sound only: + $60 labor plus decoder and 2 Golden White LEDs
  • Brass locos: pricing varies. Send eMail for a quote.

Please provide the insurance value of the loco so we can quote adequate insurance!

At Litchfield Station, customer satisfaction is primary. When we install a decoder for you, we warranty our work. You have 30 days to let us know if things are not right. If there is a problem related to DCC, we will make it right.

If the problem is related to the locomotive mechanism or abuse, we reserve the right to charge for time (USD 50 per hour) and materials to fix it.

We cannot be responsible for things we cannot control, like shipping damage.

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