12″ Jumper Wires for Pin Headers and Terminal Blocks – #TVD-JMF001



Pack of 40 male-female rainbow colored wires

These handy wires have pre-crimped female connectors (F) that mate with the gold header pins used on many of our boards or male pins (M) that can fit in terminal blocks or act as extensions.  They come with square plastic shrouds that prevent accididental shorts.  You can get them in 3 varieties M-F, M-M and F-F.  The M-F are particualarly nice because they plug in to one another to extend for a longer run.  They come in rainbow colors with a repeating pattern of 10 colors.  A total of 40 wires come together in a bundle.  They are easily pulled apart so they can be used in groups or one at a time. They are 30cm in length which just shy of 12″.