1685 Replacement auxiliary harness for the WOWSound decoder line with a KA5 Keep-Alive™ device attached – #TCS-WAUX-KA5



TCS Keep-Alive® (KA) devices are used to supply power to decoders during times of power interruption due to dirty track or problematic track work.


The KA5 includes an additional fifth supercapacitor, increasing the maximum capacity and peak charging voltage compared to a KA3 or KA4. The KA5 will power an HO-Scale locomotive with headlights on for approximately 6 to 20 seconds (depending on the locomotive and the efficiency of the motor).

This Keep-Alive® includes a Blue and a Black w/ White Stripe wire to attach it to a decoder.

The WAUX-KA1 includes the auxiliary harness for the WOW101 sound decoder line with a KA1 Keep-Alive® device attached.


This harness can be used to connect the following functions to a WOW101 decoder:


  • 2x Purple wires for Speaker + and Speaker –


  • Blue wire for connecting light functions and Keep Alive®


  • Black with White stripe wire for connecting Keep-Alive®


  • Tan wire for CAM input


  • Pink wire for Function Output 4


  • Brown wire for Function Output 3


The WAUX-KA5 is designed for use with the TCS WOW101 ONLY.

SKU:  1685