1751 WOWKit DCC sound total conversion kit – #TCS-WDK-ATL-5



This WDK-ATL-5 WOWKit is a DCC sound total conversion solution which includes all of the components necessary to convert your engine to WOWSound with a built-in Keep-Alive™.⁣ Purchasing these various items in a single kit not only provides an economical solution it also gives you the assurance that you’ll have everything you need for your install.This WOWKit makes for a simple and easy installation so organized and clean it makes everyone look like a professional!

Included in this WOWKit:

1x WOW121-Diesel Decoder
1x AS-MB2 WOWMotherboard
1x KA4 Keep-Alive™
1x 30mm WOWSpeaker (with speaker wires)
1x 30mm Speaker Plug

SKU:  1751

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Weight 0.04 lbs