Car Lighting kit from Miniatronics – Smaller (HO Caboose or N Passenger) – #475-100CB201



These kits include on-board voltage regulation and a SUPER CAP to ride over track power dropouts with a minimum of flickering! The LEDs mounted on the circuit board provide realistic lighting with a florescent color value. They are designed to be broken as needed for sizing into your project. If you are talented with a soldering iron, you can even join the snapped apart sections together for multi-level cars – just be sure to match polarity! For ease of installation, these kits include a set of Miniatronics’ Phosphor Bronze Electrical Track Pick-ups. You won’t need resistor wheel sets to trip your block detectors with these units in your caboose or passenger cars.

The smaller kit (100-CB-201)
is designed for HO cabooses, but finds itself ideally suited for many N-scale passenger cars! It has 4 LEDs equally spaced on its PC board. It draws a total of 37 mA (0.037 amps) from your track.

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Weight 0.25 lbs