ESU – ECoS RC Feedback Module – #397-50098



Train number detection

The ECoSDetector RC can monitor its 4 track sectors in a special way: with the aid of  the RailCom® technology (“local detector”) one can not only find out if the track is occupied but also exactly which train is located there (train number detection).  Of course, you must have RailCom® capable locomotive decoders.


Knowing which train is located where leads to new functions in conjunction with the route setting feature of the ECoS: you may, for instance, activate level crossing booms automatically or the train search for an unoccupied track in the storage yard. The switching inputs respectively track occupancy sensors are electronically “entprellt“ in order to assure reliable feedback even in case of poor contact or pretty dirty tracks.

Connection to ECoSlink

Each ECoSDetector RC is directly wired to the command station via the EcoSlink bus. Besides the ECoS command station all types of the Central Station® Reloaded with ESU update are suitable. The galvanic separation of the bus system and the command station assures best possible reliability and data transfer to the command station. The command station automatically detects and registers all ECoSDetector modules. The devices can be comfortably and easily configured with the command station, which can also be done after installing the devices.

Future proof

The operating software of each ECoSDetector can be updated and expanded to facilitate additional functions, if necessary: whenever necessary this update will be accomplished automatically by the command station. Thus your ECoSDetector is technically always up-to-date.

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