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The LokPilot Nano Standard is the smallest ESU decoder. Due to the utilization of sub miniature components as well as the latest production technology we are now in position to build an ESU decoder on a base of only 8.0 mm x 7.0 mm. It is only 2.4 mm high (2.8 mm at one position) and thus is shallow enough to fit into very small locomotives, even in TT and N scale. Despite its very compact size we have not made any shortcuts with regard to quality and robustness.

Operating modes

The LokPilot Nano Standard is a first class DCC decoder. 14-128 speed steps and 2- respectively 4-digit addresses go without saying. Thanks to RailComPlus® the decoder automatically registers with suitable digital command stations (e.g.: ECoS). It supports all DCC programming modes and can be controlled and programmed by all DCC compatible digital command stations: thanks to RailCom®, reading out CV values is also possible on the main.

When using the ESU LokProgrammer, programming directly on your PC monitor is particularly easy and comfortable.

The LokPilot Nano Standard decoder is also suitable for analogue DC operation. Thus you may also take your locomotives to the layouts of your “non-digital” friends.

Motor control

Of course you expect excellent motor control from your ESU decoder. Our “little one” is no exception. The amplifier of the LokPilot Nano Standard decoder supplies up to 500mA continuous current and can handle all commonly used DC and coreless motors; no matter if it is a motor made by ROCO®, Fleischmann®, Tillig®, Piko®, Brawa®, Bemo®, Faulhaber® or Maxon®.

Load control with 20 kHz PWM frequency assure silent running and also allows your locomotives to move at crawl speed. Load control can be adjusted by means of three CVs to the motor in your model. Due to load simulation, jerky movements are avoided even at 14 speed steps.


The LokPilot Nano Standard decoder has four function outputs supplying a maximum continuous current of 100 mA each, provided the total current including the motor output does not exceed 1 A. All important lighting functions (e.g.: blinking lights mars light, flash) are available and can be adjusted just like the brightness for each individual output. The shunting mode allows you to finely tune the movement of your locomotive in the yard area as well as the option to turn off the acceleration and deceleration with a function button.

The decoder features simplified function mapping quite similar to the “Function Mapping” as per the NMRA standard, which allows for easy assignment of the function outputs to any function button (F0 through F20).


With RailComPlus® the decoder automatically registers with all suitable command stations and, if necessary, receives a new address. Forget cumbersome data entry and programming!


Naturally the motor output is protected against overload. We simply want you to enjoy your decoder for a long time!

Designed with future developments in mind

The LokPilot Nano Standard is update capable and can get is new firmware with the aid of the ESU LokProgrammer. Thus your decoder will always have current state-of-the-art technology!

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