Fixed DCC decoder single Tortoise motor by DCC 246-Hare2


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The Hare’s unique features are unmatched!

  • Plugs directly onto your Circuitron Tortoise stall-type turnout motor
    • simplifies wiring
    • reduces failures
  • Auto-Throw feature automatically throws points when a train is approaching against them
  • Smart-Route feature sets up to 13 routes by simple address programming in addition to the primary decoder address
  • Smart Default Operations: allows all Hare controlled turnouts to move to a predetermined position when layout is powered up or remain as last thrown
  • Smart Switch Point Power: Hare has circuitry that not only provides polarized power for power routing, but also has an integrated circuit breaker that turns off power to the switch rails in the event of a track short
  • Operates LED Turnout Signals or remote Panel LED Indicators
  • Manual Push Button control, as well as DCC control
  • System Reset to factory defaults by CV programming
  • Combination savings with Tortoise motors

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Weight 0.32 lbs