HO DCC decoder LocoSpecific Kato F40PH with Sound 245-SDH164K1C


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SoundFX®/Motor/Function Decoder            

Board replacement decoder for Kato F40PH HO Locomotives

  • Preloaded with F40PH Sound Scheme
  • Replaces SDH104K1C & SDH104K1C C decoders (no FN04K1 needed)
  • Full Digitrax Series 3 mobile decoder feature set
    • Speed Tables
    • Simplified Scaleable Back EMF
    • Advanced Consisting
    • Transponding
    • Supersonic Motor Drive
    • Decoder LockFactory Reset Feature
  • Includes 28mm 32 Ohm speaker
  • Includes 330uF capacitor
  • Fully customizable sounds
  • Use PR3 and SoundLoader Software to download your own sound scheme to the decoder
  • No external sensor required for sound workload changes