LokPilot micro V4.0 decoder-6-pin NEM 651direct connection – #397-54688

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LokPilot micro V4.0 with 3 inch wires to NEM652 different connectors available.

Ideal for consisting with LokSound decoders!

The LokPilot micro V4.0 is a genuine power house. It drives the loco motor with a continuous load capability of 0.75A and has significantly shrunk compared to its forerunner: the smallest member of the LokPilot V4.0 family has now a size of only 10.5mm x 8.1mm x 2.8mm and should thus fit in the smallest N-/TT-gauge locos.

LokPilot micro V4.0 decoders are available in all common plug and interface versions such as 6-pin NEM651 (with or without cable harness), 8-pin NEM652 or the brand-new wireless Next18 interface version.

The LokPilot mirco V4.0 decoder has 2 function outputs which achieve 150 mA load each. They can be allocated individually to different functions. There are two further unamplified outputs which can be also used for both light or special functions.

All important light functions as available, such as flashing light, firebox flicker, strobe – and double strobe, Ditch Light etc. The brightness of each output can be adjusted separately. Of course, the decoder is able to control the automatic decoupling move and push time and also offers a high beam function as a new feature. The „LED mode” ensures that the light effects are set correctly when using LEDs.

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