N DCC decoder LocoSpecific Atlas light board by NCE – Medium – #524-N12A0


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This N scale decoder is designed to replace Atlas style light boards in newer locomotives.

Decoder features:

  • Motor Current
    • 1 amp maximum
    • 1.25 amp stall current rating
  • Lighting functions
    • Two outputs
    • Special lighting effects
    • Two Golden White LEDs pre-wired to the outputs
  • Silent high frequency drive
  • Medium length (N12A0 – 0.370 x 2.65 x 0.120 inches):
    B23-7, B30-7, B36-7, C628, C630, Dash8-32BW, Dash8-40B, Dash8-40BW, GP-38, plus DCC ready versions of: GP-40, GP-40-2, RS11, SD-7, SD-9, SD-35, Train Master, and U25B

Additional information

Weight 0.050 lbs