NCE CAB Bus WiFi Interface – #Wif-WFD-30




You can install this Wi-Fi/DCC NCE CAB Bus Interface on your layout to provide Wi-Fi Control of trains using your NCE DCC Equipment. Control Trains using popular apps such as WiThrottle on Apple, Engine Driver on Android or, if you don’t like phones, the popular TCS UWT-100 Universal Wi-Fi Throttle. This NCE CAB Bus-Compatible product will work with any NCE Command Station such as Power Pro, Smart Booster and Power Cab. The unit acts as a WiThrottle server using Hoffman’s WiThrottle protocol, just like JMRI, with optional loco roster and turnout list. YOU DON’T NEED TO INSTALL JMRI ANYWHERE – just connect to your NCE command station, install a recommended App on your Apple iPhone/iPad, or your Android phone/tablet, connect to the device and start driving trains.