NTZ2 Decoder Buddy Mini – #NIX-DecodBudNTZ2




The Decoder Buddy Mini was developed to fit into smaller steam and diesel applications.  there has also been interest in HOn3 and S-Gauge applications.


This mother board does not include the 21 Pin Decoder.

This mother board requires soldering.

These printed circuit board is  NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN A DC SYSTEM.

Included with board are four axial resistors to be mounted remotely inline and are sized for LEDs. (2.2K)

The mother board includes; 

One 21 Pin Decoder receptacle,

Two pairs of track input pads,

One pair of motor input pads,

One set of stay alive pads (U+ , GND and if necessary a third control wire ),

One pair of speaker pads,

Resistors for use with LED lighting. (separate axial 2.2K)  (Also available with 0 ohm, 750 ohm and custom specified resistors for function outputs. This accommodates some previously installed and “12 volt LEDs”.)  It is IMPORTANT to realize that resistors must be used when LEDs are connected to the four lighting outputs of the Mini!!!  The resistors may be soldered in line when purchased or the included resistors may be soldered inline upon installation.  Remember there are different incandescent lamp voltage requirements and current draw that have to be taken into consideration also.  A single or two separate bulbs may work but multiple bulbs can be problematic.