PB110 booster by NCE – #524-PB110 – SPECIAL ORDER ONLY




10 Amp Power Booster recommended for O, G and other large scales. The PB-110 provides true 10 Amps of continuous voltage to your track. Enough to handle MUs of the largest locomotives.


The PB-110 comes supplied as follows:

1 – black box labeled Ten Amp Power Booster in the upper right corner.

1 – 7 foot cable with modular telephone plugs on both ends. Each plug has four gold-plated contacts. This is the control bus cable. For the technically inclined, this is a 4-wire cable with RJ-H connectors.

2 – black (or green) 4 terminal connectors

1 – PB-110A Product Manual (Click Here for online manuel)

Additional information

Weight 2.00 lbs