Power Shield Auto Reverser / Circuit Breaker / Snap – #246-PSXX-ARSC




DCC Specialties PSXX-ARSC Power Shield Auto Reverser / Circuit Breaker


    • Auto reverser


    • Circuit breaker


    • Automatically control reverse loop turnouts


    • Accessroy decoder for turnout solenoid motors:
        • Kato
        • Peco
        • Atlas


    • Block Detection


    • Network Status Feedback


    • Outputs for LED Indicators: Remote LEDs can be added to monitor the input/output power and the status.


    • 4 Indicator LEDs on the board: Booster power (green), 2 x Block power (green), Block shorted (red)
        • LED output DCC power in from booster
        • LED output DCC power out to track/LED output turnout position/track phase  
        • LED output short circuit
        • LED output block occupied


    • Select Trip current values 1 – 10 in integer steps (1, 2, 3, …., 10) using CV 49


    • Jumper Select Current limits of 1, 2, 3, or 4 amperes


    • Power On/Off by DCC: Turn on/off output track power with your DCC Throttle!


    • Manual or Automatic Reset: Automatic reset: Breaker tries to reset every 2 seconds. Manual reset: Once the breaker trips, it remains off, ensuring complete isolation of the faulty block. The breaker is reset either by a switch or by a DCC command.


    • All Solid State Operation: Fast, solid state design with reliable quiet action.


    • Adaptive Load Reset: Electronically determines if the overload is a real short or due to excess capacitance in sound decoders or lighted passenger cars.


    • Auto Stop with DCC Reset: A photocell can be connected to a PSXX input. Normally, covering the photocell will not cause any action. If the photocell is armed with a DCC command, the PSXX will turn off the next time the photocell is covered. A DCC command can restore the track power when desired.


    • Photo Cell Controlled Block Power Off: Stop position control and occupancy detection for hidden tracks.


    • Block Detection: Either a photo cell or block current draw can be used to detect a train in a block and to trigger a Block Occupied output. The current trigger level is programmable.


    • Block Occupied Trip point can be automatically set to compensate for current flow in unoccupied block


    • Very Low Voltage Drop: Total breaker on resistance is less than 0.060 ohms, so the PSXX has a very low voltage drop even at high currents. Better than detectors that use a diode voltage drop.


    • Programmable Power Up Status: When power is applied to the layout, the PSXX can be set to always turn on, always remain off [power on as needed by DCC command], or to use the power status present when the layout was last shut down.


  • Network Feedback: Isolated outputs designed to provide Block Occupied, Block Shorted, and Power Status to a discrete interface for remote display or computer control.
    • Will work with Digitrax LocoNet, NCE Cab Bus, ESU ECoS, and Lenz XpressNet interfaces.
      • System Reset: CV63=42 sets all CVs and addresses to original factory values.
      • Output for Audio Alert: An audible sounder can be added to the PSXX to provide an audible alert if there is a short.
      • No Power Supply Needed: The PSXX uses the track DCC power to supply its operating power. Each PSXX draws less than 0.04 amperes.
      • Easy to Install: With 4 mounting holes sized for a #6 screw.
      • Flash Programmable: The PSXX firmware can be updated by Tony’s Train Exchange as new features become available or if older units need to be matched to a recent purchase.
      • Discrete Input allows on/off control of track voltage for yard or other track section isolation. Compatible with any system that has a relay or isolated transistor control output including LCC, WiFi, etc. or can be used with manual toggle switch.
      • +5V and Ground Outputs for powering LEDs, no resistors needed
      • Power On Status can be on, off (yard or staging sections), or status at power down.