Quad Switch Stationary Decoder, 4 Turnouts, 8 Inputs – #245-DS74


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Quad switch decoder for Solenoid or Slow-motion turnouts.

Configurable for Capacitive Discharge with balky solenoids.

Configurable for on/off control of 8 layout lights.

Plug and play wire connectorization.

Works with compatible LocoNet Systems.

Stabilized and adjustable output voltages.

Option setup switches for configuration.

On-layout programmability via LocoNet.

8 onboard Routes, with EZ-Route setup.

Routes directly editable using latest DT602 IPL.

8 input lines for Switch and Detection inputs.

Field firmware update via IPL over LocoNet.

DC 2mm jack for reliable power input.

Optional DCC track inputs for limited feature capabilities.