RJ cable flat CabBus, LocoNet or XpressNet – 7 foot – #CableRj07



Known in the industry as RJ12 (6P6C) ST, these are 6 position 6 conductor Straight Through (data) wired cables with male connectors on each end.

These cables are different than the ones you buy as 3 line telephone cables, as the telephone cables reverse the polarity of the wiring. This can be confusing, we know. If you stretch a data cable out flat, you will find that the “fingers” on the connectors are on opposite sides of the cable, one up and one down. With a telephone cable, the will both be on the same side, both up or both down.

We have tested and use these cables daily in the shop for Digitrax, Lenz and NCE systems. You may buy them confident that they will work for you.

You will also find that our prices for the data cables are less than you would pay for the telephone cables at your local hardware or home improvement store!


  • Connect between fascia panels
  • Connect between your set and fascia panels
  • Extend your throttle (Cab) cable, using a CableRJConnnector

Additional information

Weight .021 lbs