RJ Connectors to make your own cables – 4 wire – #CableRj22Con



Mr. DCC recommends the inexpensive pre-fabricated cables we stock at Litchfield Station. They fill the bill for most modelers.

If you are building a lot of cables or need custom lengths, or need 4p4c cables for NCE ControlBus, we have the parts and tools to make your own.

For most DCC uses, RJ12 data connected fills the bill. Buy RJ12 ends and wire and the crimping tool and make your own for:

  • Digitrax LocoNet
  • Lenz based XpressNet, including Atlas and Roco
  • NCE CabBus Throttle Network

For NCE CommandBus (the 4 wire connection between command station and booster), buy RJ22 ends and wire and crimping tool.

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Weight 0.06 lbs