SG90 9g Miniature Servo – #TVD-SRV002



Subminiature 9g servo.

These have plenty of power for hinged point turnouts and smaller rail (code 55 and smaller) solid point turnouts – when used with the servo mounting kit (SMK002 below) then it can handle higher loads, up to code 100 non-hinged rail.

If the point rails are hinged then the rail size is not an issue – it has been used up to G scale.

Our servo brackets are custom made to fit these servos.

Size 1.25″ wide (including mounting tabs) x 0.5″ deep x 1.125″ tall.  Servo lead about 7″.

The label on the servo and the lead colors may vary between batches.

Works with all of our boards.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs