Realistic Slow Motion Turnout Operation, Now With Organic DCC!


Smail (Slow Motion Actuator with Integrated Logic) is the same size and mounts the same way as Circuiton’s Tortoise but includes a built-in DCC decoder.

Compatible with all DCC systems that provide accessory address control, the Smail features two-wire connection to the DCC bus with no external power necessary

Programming is easy and the Smail may also be controlled with panel switches or detection circuits.

Furthermore, the power up position is user definable (or will otherwise default to the last position used).


  • Prototypical slow-motion action – three seconds to complete throw
  • Adjustable throw speed
  • Precision-engineered gear drive mechanism
  • Simple mounting with linkage included – no additional brackets or linkage necessary
  • Convenient auxilliary contacts: two built-in SPDT switches can control signals, control panel lights or other electical accessories

Additional information

Weight 0.56 lbs