Two integrated Solid State Circuit Breakers – #246-PSXX2




The PSXX is designed to specifically handle low power starter systems:


    • NCE Power Cab


    • Digitrax Zephyr


The PSXX has a default trip rate of 2.0 amps


    • The PSXX series has the most reliable operating features that protect model railroad equipment and wiring from damage during a short circuit, including fast-acting, solid-state electronics.


    • The Power Shields are available in 1, 2, and 3 circuit-breaker models, allowing you to divide the output of a single booster into independent power districts.


    • The PSXX circuit board is wired between the DCC system’s booster and the track bus.


  • The PSXX includes screw terminals for easy connections from the booster and to the track. There is also an extra pair of terminals for linking the booster power input wires to additional PSXX breakers should you need to add extra PSX protected power districts.