5240027 NCE Smart Booster with 5 Amp DC power supply



NCE has released 3 new 5 Amp DCC booster options

All have the same booster electronics and include an ECHO friendly 5 Amp DC switching power supply.

These new boosters have a lower total cost compared to the older products they are replacing when you consider that the power supplies are included.

SB5 comes with NCE’s P514 five Amp, internationally approved power supply.

Add an SB5 to your Power Cab when you need more track power.  The SB5 can supply 5 Amps of track power while freeing up your Power Cab for true walk around control.  The SB5 accomodates up to 6 throttles plus an additional 3 cab bus accessories such as AIU, USB or Mini-panels.   An internationally approved 12/13.8volt 5 Amp power supply is included.

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Weight 1.76 lbs


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