BM-1 Asymmetric DCC Block & Signal Module


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Introduce Asymmetric DCC to your layout! This small inexpensive device allows for automation, push/pull operation, protects turnouts to your existing DCC layout.

This is the first in a series of modules to utilize asymmetrical DCC, which can be used to send location specific commands from the layout to the decoder. The BM1 has been designed for the simplest and therefore most cost-effective solutions for stopping at a signal.

Requirements for using Automatic Braking Control technology

Automatic Braking Control (ABC) allows for precision stopping at selected locations such as in front of red signals or in front of a turnout thrown against the train.. The simple Block Management modules are used to tell the train to stop at a specific location. For example, when the locomotive decoder receives the “stop” signal status information, the train will stop, if the signal is “green”, the train will continue unimpeded.

To combine ABC technology with the BM1 block section modules, it is necessary to use Digital plus GOLD series locomotive decoders or other decoders that support the ABC technology.

Technically, this is accomplished as follows: if the signal is “red”, the BM1 module creates an asymmetrical DCC signal in the braking section. This is detected by the new GOLD series decoders. The result is a gentle braking of the train until it comes to a halt; optionally with the decoder controlled braking delay or decoder controlled braking distance.

If you do not desire the train to stop, but to continue unimpeded or to start moving again after the stopping time has elapsed, the BM1 is simply bridged with a switch.


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