Lubricant Train Pak..(ACT-1111, 2112, 3753)



Keep your models running like a top with this easy to use set of lubricants.

Litchfield Station, LLC uses the AeroCar lubricant kit exclusively on customers’ locos when he does an installation for them.

For S and smaller scales, the kit contains one each of

  • Motor lubricant
  • Conductive lubricant
  • Gel lubricant

For O and larger scales, add an ACT-2752 heavy duty lubricant.

AeroCar Lubricants supplies the finest lubricants in the industry. The following fine companies recommend AeroCar Lubricants for use with their equipment:

  • Digitrax
  • Lenz
  • System One
  • Zimo
  • Aristo-Craft
  • Athearn
  • Bachmann
  • Heartland
  • Life-Like
  • Overland
  • S-Helper Service

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