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NO-OX-ID “A-SPECIAL Electrical Grade” is the electrical contact grease of choice for new electrical installations and maintenance. NO-OX-ID electrical contact lubricant is an electrically conductive grease that keeps metals free from rust and corrosion. This electrical contact grease has been used in the power industry for over 65 years to prevent corrosion in electrical connectors from low micro-power electronics to high voltage switchgear. NO-OX-ID A-Special is RoHS compliant!
NO-OX-ID electrical grease prevents the formation of oxides, sulfides and other corrosion deposits on copper, aluminum, and steel surfaces and conductors. The purpose of an electrical contact lubricant is to prevent corrosion and lubricate the connection for easier maintenance. NO-OX-ID “A-Special” electrical grease prevents corrosion attack on all metal surfaces. Attack can come from battery acid, salt, moisture and various industrial chemical vapors in the environment. When this conductive paste is used on aluminum connectors in joints, NO-OX-ID “A-Special” prevents the reformation of oxide films, which cause high resistance and subsequent failures.
NO-OX-ID A-Special conductive grease is recommended by connector manufacturers for trouble-free joint connections. When nuts, mounting bolts, and cotter keys are coated with NO-OX-ID “A-Special”, they will never rust or freeze assuring you easy, trouble-free removal. NO-OX-ID “A-Special” should be used wherever the formation of a corrosive product will affect the proper functioning of the metal surface. This electrical contact grease is easily applied, easily removed, and gives long lasting reliable performance even on dissimilar metals.

NO-OX-ID “A-Special” is applied as it comes from the container, using a brush or rag. NO-OX-ID “A-Special” should be rubbed onto the metal thoroughly to absorb all moisture and to insure coverage of all irregularities on the surface. Coating thickness depends on the extent to which areas are exposed to the corrosive influence SPECIFIC USES

  • Aerial cable
  • Aluminum cable
  • Anchor rods
  • Battery holders
  • Battery terminals
  • Battery posts
  • Boot jack contacts
  • Bolted connections
  • Brackets
  • Bus Bar systems
  • Cables & clamps
  • Connectors
  • Contact points
  • Electrical conduit
  • Guy wires
  • High line towers
  • Insulators
  • Junction boxes
  • Manhole hardware
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Steel conduits
  • Steel fittings
  • Steel poles
  • Switchgear
  • Temper screws
  • Threaded connections
  • Transformer Bases
  • Turnbuckles
  • Wires
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Switches
  • Drawout Breakers


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