SwitchWright Power Supply, 5V 4A wallwart



The ideal power supply for the SwitchWright, this unit is well-regulated and current protected. The wires are pre-stripped and polarity marked. It can support about 40 SwitchWright switch machines. 115V (US) input only (not suitable for 230V).

Tam Valley Depot

Input: 90-132 VAC 60Hz
Output: 5VDC @ 4A
Specifications/Features: Switching plug supply with overvoltage & current limit protection. Non-Polarized 2 blade input. 6ft output cord with 10mm X 5.5/2.1mm ID Right Angle coaxial plug Center +. UL/canada/usa/listed. RoHS compliant.
H: 3-3/8″ W: 1-1/2″ T: 2-1/4″ WT: .3


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