TurnOn Module – Soft Start Circuit TVD-TRN001



TurnOn Module – Soft Start Circuit For Large Inrush Currents of Sound Decoders and Stay Alive Decoders
If you have a lot of sound decoders and decoders with stay alive circuits on the track, they can confuse the booster when it starts up in to thinking there is a short because of the sudden current draw of all the capacitors. This circuit prevents that problem by putting a small resistance in to the circuit to slow the current rush and once the voltage gets up a 10 Amp relay bypasses the resistor so that there is a straight connection to the booster.  If you have no idea what the previous explanation about and you are not having any touble with starting your layout then you don’t need the TurnOn.

Connect the TurnOn directly after the booster and before any other components.

Resistor is 0.5 Ohms 20Watt.  Relay is 10 Amps and turns on at about 10Volts on the track.  Diodes prevent the startup pulse of the relay from getting on to the DCC bus.

Will also work with other brands of boosters and command stations.

Additional information

Weight .14 lbs